Don't fail on your way to success

by - 11.1.16

I see this too often in the fitness world and in life. Too many people follow "goals" set by others we call "society" and we live our lives as if they are our goals by nature. We are supposed to, we have to, we are meant to ... do these things and have these things that if we all track down, we'll find out that these expectations were created by people an d entities seeking a profit.

But throughout the years, the mindset that this is the norm becomes the norm. The fact is everyone is born with unique skills and ideas and feelings a d views of the world around us and those feeling, ideas and views are the true talent we are supposed to share with the world. That is our contribution to the world. But to fit in this "expectation" world, too many people shush their inner voice because it's "devilish", wrong, weak .... etc. We give them labels that are meant to demean them and we lose ourselves.

However, if we look back and around today, the most "successful' people by meaning of world contribution. The people who changed the world and inspire us and make the world a better place to live and who truly contributed to the betterment of the world and humanity are the people who never followed the crowd, those are the people who are unique and did not fit the norm and fought the system ... they are the people who turned left when everyone was going "right".

So in search of the idea of "success" by following what "we are supposed to do", we are going against everything the successful people actually do!How could so many people be blind to this simple fact?

In the end, not only do they people never achieve true success but they lose themselves in the process. they lose their unique talents, passion and strength. They lose what is the absolute necessity to success. They fail! But all standards of society, they might be "winners" or successful people but they fail on so many levels. Few people voice this simple idea because they might be looked at as weak but it's time to speak out more about what success truly is and embrace our "crazy" ideas and talents and use them for the better of humanity rather than for "social success" defined by others.

Let's not find out when it's too late that we failed on our way to success!

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