Moroccan Harissa scramble

The recipe is from the following book

A fresh, fun, easy, cookbook, filled with color photographs, that reveals all the delectable things you can do with toast, one of today’s hottest culinary trends. The recipes serve as a flavor profile building blocks, making Better on Toast a great introductory cooking guide, too!

Whether she’s frantically preparing for an impromptu gathering with friends, looking for an energy boost before the gym, or home alone staring into the fridge for a midnight snack, Jill Donenfeld turns to one dish that always satisfies—Toast. Tartine, open-faced sandwich, smørbrød—whatever you call it, it’s that single slice of perfect bread stacked high with fresh, flavorful toppings.
Better on Toast features delicious, quick, easy-to-follow recipes for toasts with every possible topping—from hot to cold and savory to sweet. Anyone can make delicious toasts, no matter his or her level of experience or kitchen size. Whether you use thick-cut French bread, slices of whole wheat, or her gluten-free bread recipe, Jill puts emphasis on flavor, using quality, wholesome ingredients to make each recipe stand out.

With Better on Toast, you can enjoy these elegant yet simple meals anytime and for any occasion, using classic ingredients in new ways and playing with interesting ingredients you’ve always wondered about.

  • Smoked Trout & Grapefruit Toast
  • Edamame Basil Toast
  • Chickpeas and Chorizo Toast
  • Rosemary Caper Tuna Salad Toast
  • Grilled Radicchio and Apple Buttermilk Toast
  • Carrot Butter and Halloumi Toast
  • Maple Pear Bread Pudding

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Self Styled: Dare to be Different

Self-Styled is about the celebration of freedom of expression, diversity and individualism through personal style. Showcasing photographic diptychs of a select group of fabulous urbanites, each double-page spread illustrates a unique personal choice while implicitly exploring themes such as gender, colour, body shape and taste.
The concept behind Self-Styled is simple: each person is asked to choose two outfits - one that represents daywear and a second that represents nightwear. Then, through a dual photographic portrait, author Anthony Lycett encapsulates their distinctive personalities in a stylist-free zone as they are: self-styled.
Since embarking on the project in 2008, Anthony has photographed people from all walks of life. His ever-growing body of work provides a fascinating overview of the multifaceted vibrancy of urban cultures and subcultures.

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Moroccan: A Culinary Journey of Discovery

This is a small beautiful cookbook with full page photos of each recipe that also has delicious food! Ghillie Basan uses the first few pages to explain unique recipes and spices needed for Moroccan cooking. Try the recipes for "greenleaf and herb jam with olives" and "roasted carrot puree with feta", both of which are well worth owning this cookbook.

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